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Quincienera Hall

Your Premier San Antonio
Quincienera and Sweet 16 Venue

What do you look for in a Quincienera Hall?

Randy's Ballroom - Your Perfect Quincenera and Sweet 16 VenueWhen you come of age in San Antonio, it’s time for the storybook party you will remember for the rest of your life. As a part of the local community since the 60’s, Randy’s Ballroom is the perfect place to make your quincienera and sweet-sixteen dreams come true.

Tired of attending quincieneras in packed, stuffy ballrooms? Tired of that cave feeling you get from the low ceilings and crowded tables? Want a sweeter sweet sixteen? Then you are ready to experience the grandeur of the premier San Antonio quincienera venue with gloriously high ceilings and all the space you could ever want.

Triple the size of most party rooms and halls, the beautifully renovated Randy’s Ballroom features 26,000 square feet of space, can hold around two thousand people and can seat a thousand. This birthday only comes once in your life. Make sure your quincienera or sweet sixteen is the party of a lifetime!

  • 16-Foot High Ceilings for Your Sweet Sixteen
  • 26,000 Square Feet of Space – Triple Most Venues
  • Up to 2,000 Person Capacity
  • Can Seat up to 1,000 People
  • Tables & Chairs Available
  • Security Personnel and Cleaning Crews
  • 360 Degrees of Wall-Mounted Video Monitors
  • Extras like a Screen and Projector

Unlike some other halls, Randy’s Ballroom Packages include tables and chairs, security personnel, cleaning crew, video monitors, and whatever extras you need to make your special night complete, like a projector and screen. Packages generally run $2,500 to $5,000 per booking, depending on size, number of attendees, and when and how long you need the Ballroom.

But please call our event coordinator at (210) 434-6266 for details or fill in an online Quote Request form and learn about special promotions before making any venue decisions!