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Randy’s San Antonio History

What Does Randy’s Mean to You?

Randy's Bingo & Randy's Ballroom

Historic Randy’s Bingo & Randy’s Ballroom

Historic Randy’s Ballroom is all about serving San Antonio. While it’s a great place to hold your events and a family-friendly place to play bingo, Randy’s is also San Antonio’s sweet spot… always ready whenever the river city needs a large friendly venue to make history… again!

Since its founding, Randy’s has evolved with the times. A true multi-use facility, Randy’s originated in the 1960s, in the large building that once housed San Antonio’s premiere bowling alley, Bandera Bowling.

Rush at Randy's Ballroom, San Antonio, TX

Rush at Randy’s Ballroom, San Antonio, TX

Originally called Randy’s Rodeo after its founder Randy Sherwood, the out-sized venue originated as a concert hall before becoming a local cowboy watering hole. Since then, it has transformed itself into a Tejano venue hosting the likes of Selena.

It has been a mixed music club featuring acts like The Beastie Boys, Rush and U2. And most recently, Randy’s has been re-imagined as a premier ballroom and San Antonio bingo hall.

One local claims that in the early days, Bandera was a two lane highway, but the constant influx of people attending Randy’s shows played an instrumental part in getting nearby dirt roads paved.

Although Randy’s is most famous for the altercation between Sex Pistol’s lead singer Sid Vicious and the audience in attendance, Randy’s has seen a wide range of up-and-coming musicians.

Sex Pistols at Randy's

Sex Pistols at Randy’s Ballroom, San Antonio, TX

Jim Loessberg, a local musician and former house band player at Randy’s, recalls that Randy’s Rodeo was briefly renamed “Whiskey River.”

Randy Sherwood partnered in the venture with country singer Johnny Bush. Bush is the song writer and producer for Willie Nelson’s hit “Whiskey River.” Bush still performs with big country western names, and is a member of the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame.

Randy’s owes a debt of gratitude to Randy Anthony, a music aficionado, who has nothing more in common with the venue than the name.

Anthony did a great deal of research on Randy’s Rodeo, simply because of its unique place in San Antonio’s historic music scene.

L7 & Beastie Boys at Randy's Ballroom, San Antonio, TX

Beastie Boys & L7 at Randy’s Ballroom, San Antonio, TX

More information can be seen at his website, which he affectionately named for the original venue:

On July 15, 1990, St. George Maronite Catholic Church moved their Bingo Fundraising event to Randy’s Ballroom with proceeds benefiting church projects and expansion initiatives.

Prior to this date, St. George held Bingo at the church grounds on Babcock Road. Then in early 2000, St. George purchased Randy’s Ballroom and became the new proud owner of this historic venue.

in 1978, Randy’s enlisted a well-regarded concert promoter Mr. Carlos Rios. Mr. Rios , who was already a well regarded figure in the music industry in Chicago, was responsible for attracting many of the biggest names in International Latin Music along with Tejano local artists.  Randy’s would be the first music gig performed on American soil for many, and has played an instrumental role in promoting their music. Mr. Rios, along with his wife Irene, assisted many up-and-coming artists to realize there dreams.

In June 2013, St. George Maronite Catholic Church underwent major changes, including management changes.  Recognizing the importance the live music venue was to this community and the city of San Antonio, St. George has invested in continuing the venue’s decades-long dedication to the San Antonio community.

Randy’s Ballroom is forever about San Antonio, for San Antonio. We thank the good people of our city for all the good will that makes Randy’s the icon that it is. We invite you to visit again soon, and make Randy’s a part of your story.